breeder for 25 years, parents are raised on A 80 acre RANCH ON THE COAST OF OREGON with horses,cows ,DEER,CATS AND ALL THE WILDLIFE THAT OREGON OFFERS TO SOCIALIZE 

parents are all health certified by a licensed veternarian

Our Guarantee

 Your new puppy comes with a 1 year guarantee against any genetic disease or defects. This guarantee excludes transmitted diseases such as distemper, parvo, bordatella, giardia or any other transmitted disease caused by a virus, bacteria, or parasite.a cryptorchid is not life threatening and is excluded as well.. the guarantee that I send home with you gives you this in detail...i will not refund your money for breeding or nonbreeding purposes...if your puppy does have a life threatening disease or disorder,  You will need to provide a detailed letter from a licensed veterinarian explaining the diagnosis.

You will be responisble for all pet bills and transportation costs.

Deposit FORMS

DEPOSIT FORMS CAN ONLY BE SENT VIA TEXT AFTER PICKING A SPECIFIC AVAILABLE PUPPY, A deposit of 50% of the purchase price of your puppy is required.

We will accept a check or cash for you deposit, however, we do require cash payment when you pick up your new puppy.


Initially to avoid contagious diseases and infections you should keep your puppy away from public places such as pet stores, parks, beaches, etc. Puppies will go home with registration papers. shot/deworming record WHICH INCLUDES THERE 1ST PUPPY SHOT AND DEWORMINGS STARTING AT 2 WEEKS OF AGE,, health guarantee, puppy food wet and dry all in a gift bag as well as (toys/pottypads/coupons, information pamplets,etc.)